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Ole Evenrude (nov. 17th '62)

Entered the music business as an artist in '83. Made five albums until '89, all under the name Ole i'Dole. Moving to Stockholm Ole switched to songwriting and progressively started producing albums for other artists.

As mr. Evenrude got more involved with other artists' challenges in finding songs to record, or how to produce the next album, he worked ever more as a regular A&R. So much so, that Polygram Norway hired him in '93 as Head of A&R. During this period mr. Evenrude still honed his skills as a producer. Hitsville came to life caused by the necessity of having a private studio.

Hence, he ultimately left his safe Polygram spot in '98, now being a full-time record producer. Lured by new possibilities; In the turmoil following the Polygram and Universal unification, mr. Evenrude lead the A&R department at the new Universal until the new millennium broke. Broken was also his ventures in the corporate world; Now was the time to set up shop for real...

With Hitsville now being the prime instrument for mr. Evenrude's involvement in producing music, more time was spent on songwriting, negotiating deals and in other ways consolidating his by now firm grip on the music industry. He bought a former customs station from which he molded what is now Hitsville Production.

Ole Evenrude's long and diverse involvement in making, performing and producing music has lead to numerous contacts across the world. Making the path as he goes, he excels in connecting various people and talents in ways that time and again yields success. Progressively the Hitsville "brand" becomes a production unit where mr. Evenrude's associated staff produce music under the Hitsville umbrella. Ole Evenrude is now a household name in what we know as the music business.

Ole Evenrude's producers credits:

Mamma Mia, Dancin' Queen, S.O.S., Rockin'
Ace of Base
Always have, always will (UK top-10), various tracks
A-HA To Let You Win
The Tuesdays All three albums
Little Trees Help I'm a Fish (UK hit) and album
Creamy Never Ending Story, Help I'm a Fish + album tracks
S.O.A.P. album tracks
Carola Häggquist If Life Was a Song
Lena Philipsson Magic
Trine Rein 1st album incl.: Just Missed the Train
Return album
Isabella Scorupco album incl.: Substitute, I Write U a Lovesong
Tone Norum album
Kabah album
Aika album tracks
D2M album tracks
Charlotte Nilsson album tracks
Lars Fredriksen album tracks
Sha-Boom R.O.C.K.
Jim Jidhed album + album tracks
Swedish Erotica album
SmallTalk album tracks
Søs Fenger album
Boppers album tracks
El More Close To You - Big Brother 2002 theme
Dusty Cowshit Two albums
Brothers albun + tracks incl.: Back in Black
Jahn Teigen album tracks
Finn Kalvik album tracks
Vazelina Bilopphøggers album tracks
Diva The Sun Always Shines On TV, Stand and Deliver
Spin-Up album tracks
Flava to da Bone Even If the Rain
Corbin album
Blue Chips album tracks
Yaki-Da album tracks

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